The first choice
in the second
life cycle

Equipment purchases / sales

Are you ready to sell your used device?

We are interested in buying it and we will offer you a simple, fast way to appraise your system:

  • On-site equipment inspection
  • Testing technical functionality
  • Calculation of purchase price and offer
  • Dismounting by our technicians

We look for MR, CT and X-ray systems on an on-going basis.

Are you considering to buy a refurbished system?
We have the right fit for you!

  • All equipment that we sell undergoes a rigorous inspection first
  • We only offer devices that are refurbished with original Philips or other suppliers spare parts
  • We apply pre-defined equipment specifications to guarantee cost security and transparency
  • Delivery, installation, take over and commissioning of the devices take place according to the agreed time schedule, including 1 year of guarantee after commissioning the device

Replacement parts / accesories

We stock replacement parts and accessories for magnetic resonance imaging equipment, CT scanners, fluoroscopy equipment and X-ray imaging systems – predominantly Philips products. Before devices get stored in our warehouse or get reused, spare parts are cleaned and tested on their functions. If necessary, defective parts will be replaced with original spare parts from Philips or other suppliers. Our repair service reconditions any components that are not fully functional.

Warehousing / product management

Werbri has a cutting-edge high-bay warehouse at the Dutch headquarters in Helmond. All warehousing functions and warehoused goods are consolidated in one place under uniform management. We hold our warehouse management to the highest standards, guaranteeing that goods move swiftly and easily and are maintained, inventoried and inspected with maximum cost efficiency (storage cost/m²).

Product management
All incoming equipment and replacement parts are registered in our software-based product management system, assigned a code and stored at a specific warehouse. The coding system also serves to notify us electronically of outgoing stock. In addition to enabling inventory control, this system also makes it easier for staff to enter parts needed for service calls in a precise manner. In accounting, the system is used to process and invoice orders, it also helps us monitor contracts and performance.


The logistics chain for delivering equipment and replacement parts starts with order confirmation and ends with installation and handover. We distinguish between four coordinated subprocesses:

  • Procurement logistics – to ensure the best possible provisioning for equipment and parts (guaranteed inventory)
  • Replacement parts logistics – to ensure that sold equipment can be used at all times (after-sales service)
  • Warehouse logistics – for professional coordination of all necessary systems and parts (coordinated order processing)
  • Distribution logistics – for transporting sold systems and parts on the international second-hand market (timely delivery)

Our clients are hospitals, clinics and medical care centres in Germany, as well as international medical centres. We use Kühne/Dortmund for all of our special transport runs.

Werbri Medical Systems
The first choice in the second life cycle